New Beginner's Bible Study

Dear Friend, 

Many people spend a lot of time looking for answers to their problems in the hope that their life can be changed for the better. There is an answer for every person who really wants to be free and see real and lasting changes in their life. God’s Word, the answer that He has made available to you and I, is what we are talking about. There may be a Bible just sitting on a shelf only a few feet away from you. You may even have one of your own that you never read. The answers are sitting there, waiting for you. 

We can testify to the fact that listening to God’s Word and paying attention to the Good News of Jesus Christ can completely change a person’s life. We have seen thousands saved, healed, set free, marriages restored, and relationships renewed. God’s Word is alive and changes people’s lives into miracles! 

We challenge you to go through this New Beginner’s Bible Study, read the recommended scriptures, find out for yourself what God has to say, and write your answers down. If you are diligent to read these scriptures and really listen, there are miracles in store for you!