About Ed & Cheryl Henderson

New Life Network | Ed HendersonEd was born and raised in Albany, GA and worked as a Federal Investigator and District Field Manager in Charleston, WV, Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL and Jacksonville, FL, until retiring from that profession in 1992. Ed met Cheryl in Atlanta, GA, where she was born and was a successful fashion model. They were married in June 1967 and have three grown sons with seven grand children.

In 1978, after a miracle in the birth of their second son, Cheryl dedicated her life to the Lord and started seeking God for her family. In 1982 Ed dedicated his life to the Lord and Ed & Cheryl started ministering together in churches and prisons in the Memphis, TN and surrounding tri-state area where they were located at the time. They were both ordained into the ministry in 1986 through World Ministry Fellowship, Dallas, TX 75023, and ministered in several hundred churches and prisons in the Memphis area before Ed was transferred.  New Life Network | Cheryl HendersonIn 1989 Ed was transferred to the Jacksonville, FL area with his secular position and Ed & Cheryl continued ministering in churches and prisons in that area and were appointed elders at their home church. In 1989 their local Pastor introduced them to a couple named Brig & Lita Hart and that changed their lives and ministry forever. 

Brig was a very successful entrepreneur who was also dedicated to the Lord and at the time was looking for a ministry couple that could assist him with helping the people that he brought into his business. That was the beginning of the New Life Network, Inc. Ed & Cheryl became Directors of New Life Network and have worked alongside Brig and Lita for the last 25 years ministering to thousands of people in a business environment in the United States, Canada and other countries. Ed and Cheryl have dedicated themselves to being Chaplains to the marketplace. 

The heart of the New Life Network ministry is to assist people in their everyday life such as with their marriage, family, finances or business. The main tools used to accomplish these goals include an Internet bookstore; a ministry resource and support center; teachings; marriage seminars; prayer; etc. 

New Life Network is a “Ministry to the Marketplace” that helps people in business grow and be everything God has called them to be. New Life is a connecting ministry helping people make connections to find answers to whatever their need is, whether it is a good local church, a good counselor, a treatment center, a book, or just a friend.

Ed and Cheryl do not profess to have all the answers but their ministry experience and connections over thirty-two years of ministry allows them to help many people and that is what they try to do.