About Brig & Lita Hart

Brig was born in Maryland but grew up on the beaches of Jacksonville, Florida. He spent much of his younger years surfing and enjoying all the fun and sports of life at the beach.

After high school graduation, Brig served his country in the United States Marines. When his service to his country was done Brig struggled to find a way to reach the things in life he wanted. He and his brother owned and operated a surf shop at Jacksonville Beach, but Brig knew there was more to business and success than what he had seen. It was at this time that Brig became involved with a network marketing business. His life began to change as he began to change. He grew in the knowledge of business, self-improvement, and motivation, and a short time later made the most important decision of his life. He made Jesus Christ the Lord of his life. That changed everything!!! He began to build his life and business on the principles of God’s Word. As Brig was beginning to grow in the Lord and in his business, he met the woman of his dreams, Lita. In 1983 they were married and they currently have two sons and one daughter.

Brig has always wanted to build more than a business. He cares about the people he is bringing into business with him and wants to help them in their day-to-day lives with their spiritual needs as well. In 1989 Brig realized the needs of the people were more than he could handle alone. He knew he needed help bringing spiritual support to his organization, thus New Life Network was birthed. Since that time there have been literally thousands of people each year come to the Lord through the various businesses of Brig & Lita Hart.

Brig’s vision has never changed. His desire is to help people achieve “Ultimate Success” (Body, Soul and Spirit). He still cares about the whole person and New Life Network is at his side to assist him and to serve as Senior Chaplains in all his business endeavors.